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Working with partner organisations who we know and trust, we are supporting healthcare projects in Burundi and Senegal, as well as schools and rehab projects in Kolkata, India.

The Good Samaritan health centre is located in a densely populated district of Ziguinchor in the Casamance region of Senegal, which has a long history of conflict. This has led to vast displacement of people resulting in poverty as village peoples fled from the countryside into the town, leaving behind their land and therefore their financial security and jobs. 

The people running this project are  motivated to provide the best possible care with the resources they have, with a heart to reach the poorest in the population with the lowest patient costs posible, serving the community with preventative and curative medicine, maternity services and community outreach.

Sharing Life Trust has helped with much needed building work, including a meeting/ class room to hold teaching sessions for staff and target community groups. The photos show Tenebou, one of the project leaders, holding a training session there. Sharing Life have also sent funds to equip it, including projector, white-board, table and chairs!

The Clinic Waiting Room


Training session in progress

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